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Posted on: March 12, 2017 by Judith, Posted in: Foodie Life, North Wales Life

IMG_0840I’ve always loved a cafe in a bookshop – there’s something about the heady mix of freshly ground coffee and the satisfying smell of brand new soft back books.

In Conwy, North Wales, you’ll find a bookshop in a cafe.

L’s Cafe & Bookshop sits on the lower part of the High Street in the medieval town of Conwy and has been a favourite pitstop of ours for a good while. We often spend a few hours in Conwy mooching round the shops. We check out what’s new in Fat Face, see what’s on special in Vino Mondo and sometimes treat ourselves to a little box of amazing chocolates at Baravellis.

Our coffee stop is always L’s – owned and run by a local Conwy couple – Gaz Lavin and Lisa Walker and their friendly team.


If you like a warm and cosy atmosphere filled with regular locals and visitors too – this is the place for you. It has a real feel of a community gathering about it.

Conwy is a very dog friendly town and your 4 legged friend will be welcome in L’s as long as they’re well behaved and sit nicely under the table. If you come along on a Sunday morning you can meet with other dog owners, enjoy a 30 minute walk along the Quay together followed by bacon butties, hot steaming coffee and dog treats too – all for the bargain price of £5.50.

Today we spotted 5 canine friends – there was a perky poodle very keen to get going on his morning walk, a smart shitzu straight from the salon, a very cute Westie, an adorable Cockapoo and the best of all for us – a regal smooth haired dachshund who marched out of the cafe as if he owned the place, despite his very short stature. As the proud owners of Henry 10 dogs, as the neighbours call him, we always stop for dachsies and hope for a cuddle.

As well as admiring the local 4 legged community, you can peruse a small collection of books while you enjoy your coffee. They’re mainly recipe books, foodie interest, travel and a few children’s stories. I love nothing more than to flick through a cake recipe book while I’m sitting with a coffee – and sometimes make a few sneaky notes for my next baking project.


The coffee is excellent and is served very quickly.  You may have to wait a moment or two for a table to come free. L’s is always busy – especially at the weekends. It’s a real community hub and if you come often, you’ll recognise faces that meet on a weekly basis – walking groups, friends get togethers and meetings of local business folk.

There’s an enticing selection of locally sourced cakes – fresh cream buns and sponge cakes as well as toast and teacakes for your morning coffee.

They do a lovely breakfast menu and Mr B can confirm the excellence of the bacon butties.


Today I sat there with my camera earnestly trying to get a great image of my cappuccino, and a elderly local gentleman called across from the next table “you’re not so sad that you’re photographing your cup of coffee?” I was a little taken aback but explained that I photograph my coffee on an almost daily basis for my blog. He seemed quite surprised! I’m guessing this gent is not a fully paid up member of the Instagram club.

If you come at lunch time, there’s a delicious selection of specials on the board. Today you could have L’s Welsh Beef Burger with side salad and grilled haloumi, or Tempura King Prawns with sweet chilli dip.  Gaz and Lisa source all their produce locally so I’m guessing their meat comes from the now famous Edwards the Butcher, which happens to be just opposite their cafe on the High Street.


I’m trying to thing how to sum up this special place. I guess everyone likes something different – there’s no accounting for taste. But there are some things that draw a crowd – and the first thing is a crowd. We love to go somewhere that seems to be popular, even if we have to wait a few minutes.

We like to be comfortable and cosy, feel welcome, and get served quickly with great tasting, good quality, locally sourced food and drinks.

L’s has a real feel of a family run business. It’s not a high street chain with generic coffee in builder’s mugs – it has a strong independent spirit – and once you’ve been, you’ll want to come again, and again. And don’t forget to bring the whole family, as long as they’re well behaved.

Let me know what you think?

Judith x


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  1. Lol says:

    Great review of my next door but two neighbours best coffee in town by far x

  2. Emma Bell-Davies says:

    Our favourite too!

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