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Posted on: February 15, 2018 by Judith, Posted in: Celebration Life

When your husband’s oldest school chum has a (really) special birthday there’s nothing to do but make him an amazing and memorable cake.

A native of Wales, he’s lived in many places around the UK with his wife Mandy and travelling the world as an eminent pharmacist. He has many hobbies and interests, has recently taken up yoga (although I understand the jury is still out on this), and is a self confessed “gadget man”.  His stand-out pastime, despite my protestations, is deer stalking. He regularly treks north of the border with his hunting buddies, for outdoorsy weekends that may or may not result in catching an unsuspecting deer.

He absolutely loves it. If we all had a hobby that we were as committed to as his, I’m sure we’d have much happier lives. Although it might not be great news for the deer population of South West Scotland.

A cake for a special gentleman

With all this in mind, I set about making a fun cake for my friend with a very subtle and affectionate, love-deer message.

I made a 2 tier madeira sponge with vanilla buttercream and jam filling. A popular choice on previous occasions with his every increasing hoard of grandchildren – who affectionately call him “Wales”.

Your secret is safe with me

The cake was a complete surprise which is difficult around a man who doesn’t normally alow even the smallest of details escape his attention!

Mandy and I had a clandestine coffee meeting that he knew nothing about. The cake was delivered to a secret location (in the corner of the garage) while he was out enjoying a family meal at his favourite local restaurant. Ready for the big reveal that evening. What a hoot!

Keeping secrets is an important skill for a cake-maker and one I learned early on. Mind you, my 20 years as an Executive PA taught me a thing or two about confidentiality.

Thumbs up all round

The cake went down a treat and all the family gathered from London, Bristol and Sheffield loved sharing it too.

I’m just hoping that the next time my friend is eyeball to eyeball with a Scottish deer, he remembers this little face and decides to take up golf instead.

Happy Birthday old friend.

Judith x

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