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Travel Life

Little Holiday in Yorkshire | Day 5

One of the benefits of staying in the country, even for a short time, is getting a great night’s sleep. I’m not a good sleeper at home and sometimes lie awake for hours watching ridiculous ... read more

Travel Life

Little Holiday in Yorkshire | Day 4

Some of you might be wondering “Why is she wasting her holiday blogging when she should be just relaxing and not thinking about work?” If you could see me now you would understand. I’m ... read more

Travel Life

Little Holiday in Yorkshire | Day 3

There's something very Charles Dickens about this place. Perhaps a taste of Bleak House with side order of Nicholas Nickleby.  It's the beautiful isolation, and the colourful  imaginings of ... read more

Travel Life

Little Holiday in Yorkshire | Day 2

Surprise View Cottage is proving to be delightful and the peace and quiet is a real tonic. As I write just now, I’m sitting on a bright green bistro set perched on a tiny balcony on the edge of ... read more

Travel Life

Little Holiday in Yorkshire | Day 1

  There’s nothing quite like packing the car for a self catering holiday in the pouring rain with a pile of soggy bags and a damp dog. So after a long summer packed with wedding ... read more

Travel Life

Hello Ravello

  What d’you mean where’s Ravello? If you don’t know or you’ve never been you need to google it - fast. If you head for the region of Campania on your Google Maps (other maps ... read more

Travel Life

Walking through Great Longstone

I'm just back from a few relaxing days in the Peak District with Mr Bond and thought I'd share some pretty moments with you. It was a complete surprise for my husband who thought we were ... read more

Travel Life

Cake adventures in Catalonia

It’s a month today since I arrived home after our annual Catalan adventure and my memories of warm sunny days have been quickly overtaken by bundles of scarves, hats and mittens. But today I am ... read more

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“Would you tell me please which way I ought to go from here?” Alice in Wonderland It’s not always easy to find your way round a new place or a town that you’re visiting for the first time ... read more

Travel Life


"Grab a chance and you won't be sorry for what might have been" Arthur Ransome As my husband's birthday falls in mid July, it's always a good excuse to have a mini-break and enjoy this especially ... read more

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