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Posted on: December 13, 2016 by Judith, Posted in: Recipes

pb-web-1When you bring half a bag of popcorn home from the cinema, you simply have to think of something sweet to make with it.

The movie was amazing – “Fantastic Creatures and Where to find them” and a dose of Eddie Redmayne on a Thursday afternoon was just the tonic. But the lady sitting in front of us was not happy – at least, not happy with us eating popcorn (quite quietly) behind her.  So our medium sized bag of Cineworld popcorn was abandoned as we didn’t want to upset her anymore!

The bag has been sitting on the kitchen counter for a couple of days now and I starting thinking that chocolate popcorn might be nice. I suspect that the lovely popcorn people have already thought of that and you can probably buy chocolate covered popcorn.

So after a bit of head scratching I’ve come up with my Salted Popcorn Bites.


Silicone bakeware is not easy to find these days. A few years back it was everywhere. I find it less good for cakes, but extremely good for things like rocky road, my pistachio slices, crispy treats and any kind of chocolate bites. So I dug out my Lakeland silicone tart tray – perfect for this job.

You will need:

Popcorn (new or leftover!)

400g melted chocolate



Put a little pile of popcorn pieces in each mould – about half full.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave or over a pan of hot water.

Pour the melted chocolate into a piping bag and snip the end

Fill your moulds to the top with chocolate and wipe any excess off the tray.

Scatter with your chosen sprinkles – for Christmas you could use a combination of red, green and white.

Refrigerate until set and pop them out of the moulds.

They will look a bit lumpy and bumpy but I think that’s ok. It all adds to the homemade look.




In our church we have a Family News slot at the end of the month. Children come up to the front to share their latest achievements with the church. Exams passed,  netball tournaments won, new teeth through and of course birthdays. We also have grown ups sharing wedding anniversaries, new babies born and more birthdays.

It’s my job to provide an array of bite size treats for this service – the reward for sharing your news is a yummy treat that money can’t buy!

They’d also be great for winter picnics, end of term treats to share round the classroom, something for the teachers or just a yummy surprise to keep in your biscuit tin.

You could package them up in little bags with a Christmas bow as stocking fillers, or perhaps even leave one our for Santa on Christmas Eve – it’d make a nice change from all the mince pies he gets offered.

Let me know how you enjoy yours

Judith x


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