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Posted on: March 29, 2018 by Judith, Posted in: Biz Life

Can you believe we’re 1/4 of the way through the year and there might be still more snow. Not so much on the North Wales coast, but maybe where you are?

So I’m tucked up in my favourite coffee shop telling you about 10 fab things that brought me a little bit of joy this month – to cheer you into the Spring.

Here goes …
  1. New Eatery. We have discovered a brilliant new eatery. It’s called Caffi Gwynant and if you love Snowdonia, great coffee and the best mountain breakfast – you should get over there. It’s not really on the way anywhere, but we think it’s amazing enough to be it’s own destination.
  2. TV nights. This month’s TV series to settle down to on chilly evenings is The Good Fight If you loved the twists and turns of the award winning legal drama The Good Wife, this is a spin off starring our very own Rose Leslie, of Downton Abbey fame.
  3. Night night, sleep tight. Hands up who sleeps badly? Can’t switch your brain off at bedtime? Try Sleep Cycle. It’s totally transformed my sleep patterns. Sound and movement trackers measure your sleep quality and give you a very pleasing graph in the morning. I especially love the sleep aid sounds you can listen to for say 10 minutes at bed time. Rain on a tin roof is my current favourite, but you might prefer stormy winds, a ticking clock, white noise …….
  4. Coffee time reading. I’ve never been a great magazine reader. Mainly because most of them are full of ads, or images that have been so heavily edited they bear no resemblance to reality. But then I found Blogosphere.  If you like to read blogs or even write blogs you’ll find this magazine really useful. It’s full of great content and is really inspiring.
  5. It’s all about the veg. Who’s your favourite TV chef? This month we’re giving some love to Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. Not only is his River Cottage TV series essential viewing for foodies, but he’s done wonders on environmental issues. We love his VEG book. It’s packed full of wholesome, easy to make, healthy recipes for the meat-free days. My favourite is the Mushroom Stoup. It’s the perfect winter warmer for a mushroom lover.
  6. Book time. While we’re on the subject of food I must tell you about The Kilner Cookbook. Penguin kindly sent us a copy and we love it. If you’re a fan of jams, chutneys and all things that come in jars then this’ll be right up your street.  ……
  7. Spring Fresh. The lovely people at Denby have brought out a brand new spring collection and we’re in love. I’m a loyal fan of Blue Jetty which we’ve used every day since our wedding in 2003. But the new range Spring Fresh has really turned my head. It’s classic Denby, timeless, rustic and would look perfect in my kitchen.
  8. The best bags. I almost don’t want to tell you this one. I keep writing it down, then crossing it out. I’m a very fussy handbag purchaser. So when I discovered Ness Clothing I knew it was a match made in heaven. Or perhaps just Scotland. Maybe it’s all those childhood holidays to the Trossachs and the hours of listening to Scottish Pipe bands in the car as a family.  We even had Highland Cathedral at our wedding! Ness bags are just fabulous but don’t tell anyone. Let’s keep it between us.
  9. Scent your home. You might have heard me mention Hattie & Beau earlier this month. Sorry if you didn’t manage to win the bundle in our Mother’s Day competition but you must head over to Hattie & Beau and try their Reed Diffuser.  It’s the best scented room fragrance that I’ve ever come across and well worth seeking out.
  10. Lists and more lists. What new from Busy B this month, I hear you say?  Well let me tell you. It’s the magnetic list pad for your fridge. Not only is it super pretty and a joy to look at every day, but it’s the most useful thing for notes and lists. I have 2 (obviously). One is for the week’s meal plans and the other for my shopping list. It comes with matching magnetic pen, which properly sticks to your fridge – just saying.

That’s all for this month.


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