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Posted on: July 27, 2015 by Judith, Posted in: Wedding Life


Hannah & John had a beautiful spring wedding in Llandudno and this is what they said:

As with most couples, when my husband and I got engaged we were faced with the dilemma of ‘Who do we invite to the wedding?’ We have a large family but it didn’t seem fair to only celebrate with them and not include so many dear friends from our church who we had known since childhood. The solution to our dilemma was to have a cake and drinks reception after our wedding ceremony for everybody.

I had already experienced the delicious cakes made by Judith Bond so we approached her with our proposal and she met with me over coffee to discuss ideas.


I had many moments of indecisiveness in the run up to the wedding but with Judith I never felt rushed to make a decision.

She had the sensitivity to allow me time to talk through ideas but also to make suggestions when I was out of inspiration.

Together we came up with a cake design and flavour but there was so much more to it than that.


We talked more about the practicalities – what was a sensible number of cakes to have, how much room would they take up on the table, what was the best way to lay out the room to allow people to access the cakes and what was the best kind of cake for people to eat standing up with no plate!


The timing of this part of our day was tight. Judith wasn’t able to access the church hall until the Sunday morning service had finished at 12.30pm and our wedding ceremony started at 1pm but this didn’t phase her. All 180 cupcakes were laid out on time and exactly as planned. I felt I was able to go into the day confident that everything would be taken care of and it was.


Our guests ate, drank and celebrated together with ease but we weren’t just sharing a tasty treat, we were sharing happiness and this wouldn’t have flowed so easy without the attention to detail that Judith gave.


We are so grateful to Judith for catering for this part of our day but more for appreciating that it was about more than just cake.

Thank you so much, Hannah & John x


Thanks to the very talented Nicolette Wells Photography http://www.nicolettewellsphotography.com

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