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Posted on: February 28, 2018 by Judith, Posted in: Biz Life

Gosh it’s nearly March. We’ve done Valentine’s Day and had our annual fill of pancakes. Looking back, we’ve watched the Winter Olympics, cheered on the peeping snowdrops and trudged through the snow brought by “The Beast from the East”

What sort of month have you had? Have you achieved what you hoped? What are you proud of? Could things be better?

I started with some serious goal setting this year. Spent a chunk of time working out my life goals for the year (exhausting business). Now I’m 2 months in and it’s really paying off. Er, no I’m not completely on track. But there’s definitely small progress.

It’s made me more intentional, more aware of maximising time and a little bit less of a procrastinator.

The garden birds have a great view from our cottage

So this new “Looking Back” blog series  is intended to help me as well as you. I needed a place where I could reflect and be grateful for the big things and the little things. Some things are work-related, some are really not. But they make up the whole “me”.

Things I’m proud of

Being in print

This month we’re in North Wales Magazine talking about how to choose your wedding cake maker. Big thanks to the editor, Kate Hamilton, for featuring us.

Being in “Blogging Breakthrough”

If you’re not part of the Blogging Breakthrough Community & Magazine from A Branch of Holly, you’re missing out. This is my 9th month and I love being part of Holly’s team. It’s a great online community with free magazine full of super content for bloggers and would-be bloggers. So if you need some inspiration sign up here.

Being a Kiwi Socialite

It started off as “Business & Bloggers” and last year became “The Kiwi Social”. It’s a brilliant community for business owners interesting in social media, content and image creation, PR and marketing and personal and business development. We “engage, educate and encourage”, meet every month for an evening and every few months for a full day.

The best part is when you join you become a “Kiwi Socialite” which is about the trendiest things I’ve ever been called. Check out our monthly column on the website and find out lots more about how you can get involved. This month is was all about Vision Boards and Jelly Beans!

Last year’s tete-a-tetes struggling in the cold

My lovely instagram

I know it’s MY instagram and I shouldn’t brag, but it’s just so pretty at the moment. If you love to look at pretty cakes, and more pretty cakes, and pretty flowers and cups of coffee and very occasional selfies – then get yourself over there and say hello. You can find out about all the best places to eat and drink on my stories. And if you don’t already live in North Wales, I’ll try and persuade you to move here. See if you can resist!

Learning Bokeh

What on earth is bokeh? I hear you say. So technically “bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced by the our-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens” A bit geeky, I know, but I’m quite pleased with myself – learning a brand new proper photographic technique. It’s quite arts and craftsy so if you enjoy cutting out little shapes – this might be for you.

Things I’m excited for

Discovering Caffi Gwynant

It’s on the road to Beddgelert. Basically turn left just before Snowdon and keep going down the hill until you see the signs for Caffi Gwynant

Things to go for – Heartland coffee and tea (would travel to the end of the earth for this obviously), great wifi, brilliant breakfasts, open Wednesday through Sunday. We had a gorgeous brunch of Eggs Benedict sitting in the pulpit of the converted chapel. They serve food all day and it’s getting great reviews, so get yourself down there and see what all the fuss is about.

Co-working with 16 Trinity Square

You might remember the old National Trust office in Trinity Square, Llandudno? Well it’s now run by Livetech, an award winning local web design company. They’ve just opened up a business hub they’re calling 16 Trinity Square and we were at the opening night last week. The place was heaving and the wine tasting and canapés were delicious. It’s a co-working space with meeting rooms and serviced offices for anyone and everyone. Recognising that many folk work on their own at home and would appreciate a space to work, get some peace and quiet and meet colleagues. It’s just £6/day at the moment so get down there and try it out!

We’ve been invited to provide cupcakes for a joint event with Nat West on 16 March – “How to take your business from good to great”. It’s free and you can sign up here. Come along and hear Sean Banning, business coach, Owain Williams from NatWest Business Team, and Maria McLean, Marketing Guru.

Working with the very fragrant Hattie & Beau

We included Hattie & Beau in our Christmas Gift Guide with their lovely fragrance burners and they’re going from strength to strength. Now there’s heavenly room fragrance spray and gorgeous reed diffusers. We love working with Jess, so look out for our Mother’s Day promotion on the blog. You could win a lovely bundle of fragrant delights.

Gearing up for the Spring Party Conferences

Love them or hate them, it’s time for the political party conferences and we’ll be making lots and lots of cupcakes for the delegates when they visit sunny Llandudno. Did you know we can print your logo on some fine cupcakes and shout about your business. Happy Days.

Discovering Canva

Finding Canva was one of those light bulb moments. I’m Ok with image creation, OK with Photoshop Elements but Canva can do things nothing else can!

It’s a brilliant app that I highly recommend to anyone with a digital marketing presence. It’s so intuitive, really easy to learn and creates fantastic professional images for your social, blog and website. If you pay for the pro version it’s £9.27 well spent (12.95 USDolllars) and less than the cost of 4 cappuccinos. You might have noticed my blog headers have smartened up lately – that’ll be Canva. Not sponsored – just a fan!

Perfect Tulips

Who else loves the month of tulips? All the colours, all the variations, and all the stages from upright to flopsy.  But they’re all covered in snow at the moment, apart from the ones sitting happily in a vase on my desk.

Hey Mr Bluetit ….

That’s all for now

Judith x


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