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Posted on: March 26, 2018 by Judith, Posted in: Style Life

It’s hard to have a favourite month because there’s things I love about all the months. They’re all different and bring different joys. But March brings the hellebores, and I’m totally in love. Aren’t they stunning?

March moments have brought spring sunshine, thick snow, struggling daffodils, freezing temperatures, and days like today when I’m out in just a cardi. Hopefully the thermals are done now and we can enjoy the longer lighter days leading to summer.

So here’s what I’ve been up to in March:


Inspired on Instagram

March has been a lot about Instagram’s #marchmeetthemaker which I started with a little trepidation. I knew it would be piece of work, that I’d need the right photographs and to spend time writing meaningful captions. But I’ve loved it. It’s been a great place to meet other makers, find kindred spirits and get chatting on Instagram. Big thanks to Joanne Hawker for hosting it so delightfully.

Girlie Giveaway

Did you catch our Mother’s Day competition. To be honest it was just an excuse to work with the gorgeous Hattie & Beau. I’ve been a little besotted with Hattie & Beau goodies for a while so met Jess over a coffee and we came up with a plan. Congrats to the winner of the Mother’s Day bundle and hopefully some of you now have fragrance burners or reed diffusers in your home. Was I right about the scent? I have Bay & Blackberry in my bathroom and it’s just lovely.

Cake Life

The kitchen table was piled high with special cupcake orders that went out for  Mother’s Day across North Wales. Mr Bond is such a faithful delivery chap, and we have a “Cakes on Board” sign in the car now. Have you seen it?

This month (to name a few) we’ve created rugby cakes, a make up cake, we’ve styled Chanel, we’ve made our tribute to Game of Thrones (throne and dragon included) and we’re ending in New York New York. What a month it’s been.

Blog Life

Things are getting going for the season with Mingle for Business and I was thrilled to toe asked to take part in a Q&A on their blog on the subject of  … can you guess?  Blogging, of course.

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My birthday

April is my birthday month. I narrowly missed April Fool’s Day (thank you Mother for holding on). One of the joys of my birthday is sharing it (within a day) with 3 lovely friends. Big Happy Birthday hugs to Kathryn, Emma and Rosie. Emma and I share the year too, but we’ll keep that to ourselves –  along with the collection of dubious College memories that we hold dear. Flowers, chocolates and pretty notebooks are welcome if you can guess the day!!!

Garden plans

The garden is coming to life, but if you look closely you can tell that the trowel hasn’t had any action since about August.

My parents are visiting later in April so that’s all the call to action I need to get out and do a bit of weeding. There’s a few shrubs that need replacing so we’ll be off to the Garden Centre soon for a boot full of pretty plants.

Kiwi connections

Kiwi Social starts up again next month after a half-term pause. I’m excited to see what content they have lined up for us for the spring.


My little business will be 5 years old in June so I’ve decided to treat my branding to a little upgrade. Nothing shocking, just some slight changes to reflect the direction of the business. So keep an eye out …


I hope you’ve had some great March moments. It’s good to look back and remind ourselves what has been achieved, what we’ve learned and what we can do better.

Now let’s do April.

Judith xx



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