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Judith Bond Cakes

Meet Judith

How do I describe myself? Cake lover, keen photographer, passionate blogger, coffee lover, notebook collector and lifelong North Walian.


I’m Judith Bond, the Cake Lady and I’m here to show you that cakes are more that flour and eggs, and life is better in North Wales.

For 6 years judithbondcakes.co.uk has been my little corner of the internet where you’ll find the prettiest of cakes, and a blog bursting with foodie life, cake stories and sunny travels.

Cake up your Life

I’ve been working as a Cake Designer for 6 years, growing my business and developing a unique style. Clean lines, white space and pretty flowers are my thing. We help you celebrate your birthdays and anniversaries, your new babies and retirements. We love to create that show-stopping centrepiece for your Big Day. We design the prettiest decorated cupcakes for your parties and gifts. We love to wow your business guests with smart branded cupcakes at your conferences and events.


Blog up your Life

Taking the plunge to self employment has shown me that life is more than just the narrow job choice that we make. Life is about home, family and friends It’s about what we eat and how we spend our time. It’s about the way we relax and take care of ourselves. It’s about how we spend our holidays and where we travel. It’s about the things that matter to us and the values we hold dear.

I have always loved writing, creating and editing my own images and enjoy working with lifestyle brands. When you subscribe to my blog you’ll get the behind the scenes buzz on my latest cakes, you’ll join me on my sunny travels, find out the best places to eat and drink in North Wales, and get my best tips on growing a small business.


I’m on a mission to “cake up your life”. Cake is my first love and the thing that started me on this crazy self employed journey. Ask me to make you a pretty cake, and we’ll be friends forever.


Life is fuelled by coffee. There’s nothing I love more than perching in a cosy corner of my favourite coffee shop drinking a double shot Americano and planning my days.


I’m not a designer by trade but have learned some secrets along the way. Beautiful light, a little camera know-how and carefully crafted words really do bring the pages to life.


I’m a planner at heart. I never leave the house without a pretty notebook and daily planner. Juggling the cake making, blog writing, business keeping and home making is sometimes tricky but always rewarding. 18 years as a PA/Office Manager and Management Diploma gives me a strong background for running my own business.


Life is short, work is hard, but travel is the joy in between. Taking the morning launch to Capri, hiking in the Midi Pyrenees or sipping cocktails at sunset in Florence. We’ll take you there on the blog, lift your spirits and make you want to plan your next trip.


Flowers are my joy and inspiration. You’ll see them in my cottage garden in sunny Llandudno, on top of my cakes and blooming throughout my blog. Life without flowers would be very dull, don’t you think?

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