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Posted on: October 23, 2018 by Judith, Posted in: Style Life

Welcome to my new Lifestyle Edit. A monthly blog full of fashion ideas, homeware goodies, self care and foodie tips, book reviews, day trips and the best coffee.

We’ll catch you up on special offers, discount codes and up and coming events so you don’t miss a thing.

1  Bodnant Garden

If you live anywhere near a National Trust garden, then get yourself down there before it’s too late. The colours are spectacular this month and not to be missed. Check out our recent visit to glorious Bodnant Garden in North Wales.

2  Top up your winter wardrobe (£10 off with your first order)

If you’re quick, you’ll catch the Joules Mid Season Sale and bag yourself something gorgeous and colourful to perk up your wardrobe. Any fans of BBC Wales Keeping Faith?  You can snag Eve Myles’ gorgeous yellow jacket here

3  Robin treats

If you’re feeling all inspired by the #GBBO but don’t fancy a Victoria Sponge, how about treating the garden birds to something tasty. Check out these cakey ideas for a bird buffet  on the RSPB blog.

4  Deliciously Ella

She’s the talk of the town – don’t you know? I’m resisting veganism so far – I’d miss fish and eggs too much!!! But when you give up dairy and gluten – the vegan books are a good place to get inspired. Halloumi Salad was ok for the summer but I need something a bit different to get me through the colder months. I’m hoping Deliciously Ella will inspire me through the winter.

5  Concrete Candles

Have you heard? There’s a new scented candle on the block. It’s handmade from polished concrete, by the lovely people at Mamws Interiors, with a unique monochrome swirl. It’s vegan, and will fill your home with spicy lemony lavender scents. How gorgeous!

6  Time and time again (10% off with code JUDITHBOND)

I’ve only ever been a “one watch” sort of girl. One watch that goes with everything, that lasts for 3-4 years  and has a nice clear face.  Then, “just in time” for my summer holiday, Morris York approached me with a whole choice of gorgeous watches and interchangeable straps. So I took the plunge treated myself to the Celtics watch – gold and white face, green, blue and white fabric strap. I wore it almost every day on holiday and I’m on the verge of getting another strap in pinks. There’s a 10% discount with the code JUDITHBOND

7  Conwy Feast  26-28 October

We’d hate you to miss the now famous food festival held in the heart of North Wales – the Conwy Feast. Well established, in its 15th year, the beautiful castle town of Conwy is the perfect backdrop for this awesome foodie festival. There’s loads going on so check out the web for details. For £14 or a family ticket for £30 you’ll get access all areas including music events and even the medieval castle for half the usual price. Come early, park where you’re told and eat as much as you can!!!

8  Planning Ahead

Hooray! October is planning month. If you’re a list-maker, goal-setter and international life-planner – then Cultivate what Matters #Powersheets are made for you and the 2019 books are launching on 24 October. Lara Casey and her colourful team based in sunny Florida have created a vibrant brand that is hard not to love.  If you’re reading this and you’re intrigued, keep an eye out – I’ll write a blog about my 2019 goals real soon. Meanwhile here’s a taster blog all the way from Florida.

9  Snapfish Photo Books (50%  off with code SAVE1018)

I must confess I’m a whole 12 months behind in organising our holiday photos. For about the last 10 years, I’ve created a hardback photo memory book of our trips. Last summer we had a little adventure in Florence and Tuscany, but I never got round to making the book. Life got in the way and I didn’t make time!!! Last month we had 3 weeks in the Pyrenees and Spanish Catalonia – so I have 2 sets of photos stacked up. My go-to photo book company is Snapfish – the Jessops online store – it’s easy, intuitive and they have regular discounts and special offers if you sign up to their newsletter. You can get 50% off everything with the code SAVE1018 until 28 October.

10  Llandudno Christmas Fayre 15-18 November

Is it really Christmas if you haven’t been to a festive fair – sipped spiced mulled wine, bought a few gifts and eaten a hot Jacket Potato?  If you come to Llandudno, Wales’  Victorian seaside resort, there’s a full 4 days of christmas cheer, handy park and ride, and 130 food, drink and craft stalls right in the centre of town – making Llandudno Christmas Fayre one of the largest in Wales. And all for the price of 2 cups of coffee!!!  Don’t be missing it!

Happy October!

Judith x



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