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Posted on: February 11, 2018 by Judith, Posted in: Style Life

If you know anything about me at all, you’ll know that I’m a coffee freak! From bean to cup and everything in between.

I think the lovely folks at Busy B must have heard too, because they sent me this gorgeous thermal cup. It’s brand new on their website, part of the “Pretty” collection and I’m a little bit in love.

There’s so many reasons that you need this cup in your life, so here’s 5 to get you started.

1  Large coffee please

It’s a great size, 20cm tall to be precise, so you can fill up your cup and enjoy a proper long drink.

2 It’s really pretty

Everything from Busy B is pretty, and very useful. Let’s be honest, who wants an ugly cup. If you’re going to invest in something you use everyday and carry round with you – it needs to be pretty and make you smile when you look at it.

3  It’s properly insulated

Some so called “thermal” cups get so hot you can hardly pick them up, but this one stays cool on the outside so it’s easy to carry while wrestling with your handbag, laptop and car keys.  Yes, I know, the struggle is real.

4 It won’t ever spill

Promise. I’ve tried several times, turned it upside down and given it a good shake, and it just won’t leak. So no worries about it falling over in your car, or on your desk at work.

5 It will help save the oceans

We all know about the plastics. Takeaway cups are mostly not recyclable, so this cup is perfect to keep in your handbag and refill when you’re passing your favourite coffee shop. Why not lead the re-use revolution in your town and get everyone on board. In a few years, it’ll just be normal, so we might as well get started.

You can pick up one of these gorgeous thermal cups for just £13.99 at Busy B and if you sign up for their newsletter you’ll get 15% off your first order.


Judith xx


[I am a non-remunerated Brand Ambassador for Busy B and receive complimentary products to use and review on the blog and social media. All photographs belong to Judith Bond Cakes and all views are honest and my own]









  1. Lee Iggulden says:

    I think I need one of these in my life… My new car (Fiat) has a cup slot but it is not big enough for most cups – I should see if this one will fit. Seeing as how much we get about it would come in really handy.

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